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The goal behind Super World Vitamins is to harmonize traditional herbal medicine with 21st Century technology to help cater to our ever-growing busy population. Our Liquid supplements are easily absorbed and quickly bio available. Since they don’t remain in the digestive system long before being absorbed, our liquid products offer better assimilation than any other form of supplements (Powdered tablets or capsules.) Their speed and absorption level reaches 90% compared to 20-30% for powders. Results show liquid formulas are more effective.
At SUPER WORLD VITAMINS we understand that people have busy work schedules especially with school, work and raising families, so all our products are easily accessible when you’re on-the-go.
Keeping you in optimal heath without slowing you down is what we want to achieve.

Our Quality
All of our raw Ingredients have been sourced from around the world and manufactured here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Our manufacturers test all raw materials to ensure the characteristics studied in our research match those of the results from laboratory testing. This ensures only the best and purest quality extracts are in our formulas, while abiding by the highest in GMP standards in our highly advanced manufacturing facility, supported by a strong team of scientists and experts to ensure products of integrity.

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